How Do I Become a Member?

So, you've decided to take the plunge! Wonderful! Becoming a covenant member of a local church is a wonderful decision. Wait! What is a "covenant member" you may be asking? Although the word may sound strange, it's simply a commitment between two parties to fulfill certain relational obligations - a relational contract, if you will. One of the most common forms of a "covenant" today is a marriage covenant. In a marriage covenant two people agree to love, care for, and serve one another, "till death do us part". Now, while a church covenant isn't "till death do us part," it is a commitment to love, care for, and serve a particular group of people – the church. So, just as it is ill-advised to jump into a marriage covenant without knowing anything about your prospective mate or having a clear understanding of what marriage is – so we don't think it's wise to jump into church membership without spending some time getting to know each other and what membership means. So, all prospective members will walk with the Pastor through the following three stages:

Stage 1 – Getting to Know You

This is where we get to hear YOUR STORY. During this first stage, the goal is simply to get to know you better – where you grew up, your family, personal testimony, church history, and your understanding of the gospel. 

Stage 2 – Getting to Know LBC

This is where you get to hear OUR STORY. During this stage, the goal is that you would walk away with a clear sense of who Lakeside is and where we want to be as a local church by covering - who we are (Church Leadership, Denominational Affiliation, Etc.), what we believe (Statement of Faith & Core Commitments), where we've been (Church History), and where we're heading (Vision & Overall Direction).

Stage 3 – Understanding Membership

This is where we get to discuss what it means for YOU to become one of US. So, the final stage is dedicated to helping each prospective member understand what membership means at LBC. Just like there are certain privileges and expectations implied in the marriage covenant, so there are when becoming a member of a local church. This is very important, because the health and vitality of the overall church is dependent on individual members using their various gifts to love, serve, and edify the church body as a whole. 

Stage 4 – Becoming a Member

This is where YOU publicly declare your desire to become one of US. In the final stage, prospective members come before the church in order to publicly commit to support, love, and care for the church and the church body commits to support, love, and care for the prospective member by voting them in as covenant members.

If you would like to begin the process of becoming a member or have any additional questions, please click HERE and fill out the short form. 

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